Moving Men Past Pain

Moving Men Past Pain

As part of our mission to create a movement behind our feature film ‘Unseen Scars’, we are interviewing relevant key influencers who are sharing their personal stories and lessons of how they navigated recovery from trauma, including the choices that led them there. In this conversation, Choice Point Productions founder, Dr. Kasia Wilk interviews author and men’s mentor Ben Smith on his personal journey of overcoming mental health issues and finding his source of power and happiness.

Ben shares what is was like growing up with bullying, racism, trauma, addictions, and how he moved himself on a path of healing and personal power. We explore the power of our choices in shaping our reality and what the new paradigm of masculinity really looks like. ‘Unseen Scars’ highlights these themes and we discover how vulnerability and asking for support is a powerful act of courage that leads to more happiness and fulfilment.

To find out more about Ben, visit his podcast ‘Loving Goliath’ and

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