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Our Story and Mission

Choice Point Productions was founded by Dr Kasia Wilk, a Counselling Psychologist,  who witnessed the transformative effects of elevating self-awareness within individuals regarding their choices through her many years of experience supporting therapy clients.

In addition, she has also witnessed the power of choice in her own life:

“I recall a time in my life, when fear was dominating the show. My heart was telling me to take risks, while my mind was creating all the reasons why it wouldn’t work out and that I was foolish.

I slowly began to pay attention to these ‘defining’ choice-point moments where I could continue to let fear rule my life, or I could choose to move forward with courage and love. And that made all the difference”

Ultimately, the idea to launch Choice Point Productions was formed in the aftermath of the Manchester Bomb Attack in May 2017.

Kasia witnessed firsthand the shared grief and empathy that followed through the impact of a negative choice made by one individual.  Kasia herself, incredibly moved by the emotion of the collective, then came to her own choice point – the decision to communicate this awareness through film projects.

She is committed to bringing this awareness to the world in order to empower people to make conscious choices that lead to more freedom, happiness, and unity on a personal and global level.

Our Mission

We believe that choices made from fear, anger, guilt or pain can have a detrimental effect on outcomes – both our own reality and also the reality of others.

In contrast, making choices from faith, love, courage, authenticity and kindness can have a positive effect on our reality.

Our mission is to radically empower humanity to be the creators of their reality by reminding people that they have the power to shape their reality through choice.

With our content, more people will become aware of the power that choice holds in their lives.

We are passionate about building a tribe of people around the world that are dedicated to using the power of choice in their lives.

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