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Who We Are

We are a team of passionate, innovative changemakers who have combined our expertise to create Choice Point Productions.

Fuelled by an enthusiasm to solve challenges in the world, we created Choice Point in order to:

Challenge the status quo, and explore new ways of creating a more harmonious world.

Direct the viewer to look for answers inside themselves, encouraging self-reflection and self-awareness

Create content that is bold, encouraging, authentic and inspirational.

Choice Point Productions is made up of a team of experts in film, psychology, and media.

Dr Kasia Wilk


Dr. Kasia Wilk is a Chartered Counselling Psychologist, Transformation Coach, Speaker, and Founder of Choice Point Productions Ltd., from Manchester, UK.

Kasia decided to create Choice Point Productions after witnessing the aftermath of the Manchester Terror attack on May 22, 2017. After feeling the impact of a negative choice made by one individual, she set out on a mission of showcasing the power of choice using the film platform to positively influence as many people as possible to become conscious choice makers.

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Derek Kirkup


Derek Kirkup is a composer, producer and writer from Hampshire, UK.

A graduate of the Academy of Contemporary Music, Derek joined Choice Point in Spring 2017, bringing with him a background in creative film development and psychology. A graduate of the Academy of Contemporary Music, he has written over a dozen film scores, worked as a scriptreader for Hollywood studio Eclectic Pictures and with independent writers developing their screenplays. With an ongoing interest in psychology, he volunteered as a Samaritan for five years, subsequently becoming Deputy Director of Farnborough branch before studying counselling at Guildford College.

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Carl Mackenzie

Writer, Director

Carl Mackenzie is a Writer, Director and Producer from Essex, UK

Carl joined Choice Point in early 2017, with a background in producing high quality films. Carl brings a fresh and original approach to film-making and is the writer, producer and director behind short film/TV pilot “The Interrogation of Olivia Donovan“. 

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Alexa Waugh


Alexa Waugh is an experienced Producer and Line Producer, recognised for her knowledge and steadfast determination to see a project through from start to finish.

With over a decade of experience in the industry, Alexa began her career in television working as a Production Manager on innovative 4K action and adventure programmes including ‘Running the World’, long running series ‘The Dog Rescuers with Alan Davies’ and ‘Nazi Megastructures’.

In 2017, Alexa moved into producing and line producing independent films. Following her work on mental health drama ‘Hi-Lo Jo’, Alexa went on to produce action horror ‘The Ascent’ and Alberto Sciamma’s comedy ‘I Love My Mum’ starring Kierston Wareing.

More recently, Alexa line produced Kirsty Bells’ directorial debut ‘A Bird Flew In’ starring Derek Jacobi, Jeff Fahey and Sadie Frost, and she produced Marley Morrison’s ‘Sweetheart’ starring Nell Barlow and Jo Hartley and suspense thriller ‘Lead Heads’ starring Tom Felton and Rupert Everett.

Besides film-making, Alexa is a voice over artist for short films, adverts, BBC and Channel 4.

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“Our commitment is to create content that builds global awareness of how each choice shapes us as individuals as well as a collective.”